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MBA Programs in Asia and Europe

Find out academic institutions that offer MBA Programs in Asia and Europe.

If you are considering pursuing an MBA degree, then the first question you need to answer is “Which among the variety of MBA programmes best for me?” This question can be excellently answered by knowing what your interests and specializations are. MBA doesn’t only entail learning about business theories and strategies; it also has specializations that can further fine tune the learning objectives of the course. Some of the specializations under the MBA degree are Finance, Accounting, Management, and so on.

MBA Programs – Best Schools:

After you have made somehow a rough decision and direction towards your post graduate education, the next question to answer is “Which school should I go to?” Depending on your location, there are a number of colleges and universities that specialize in the MBA Programmes. If you live in China or in close proximity to it, you may explore the Central University for Finance and Economics. CUFE has programme features that guarantees quality education to all of its students. Its programs’ thrusts are unique curriculum in finance and economics, highly qualified faculty, opportunities for practice and exposure to case studies, local and international affinities, and so on. The university opens its doors to students and offers fulltime and part-time plans in Financial Management, Accounting Management, and Business Management. All of which are under the MBA program umbrella.

MBA Programs at University of Otago:

Those who reside in New Zealand can explore University of Otago’s MBA program. Proud of its traditional way of teaching business strategies and theories, Otago’s internationally accepted qualifications boast its international accreditation and membership thrice to the Top 100 MBA programmes worldwide. Not only does it offer on-campus post graduate course but also offers distance education. Interested applicants may further inquire through the university’s website –

MBA Programs at University of Manchester:

The real proliferation of business schools are in countries at the western hemisphere which includes American and European Continents. One famous institution with the best MBA programs is the University of Manchester. This university is known for its business courses, especially the MBA. It offers two options for interested MBA students – the first is the fulltime MBA and the other is the Global MBA. The former is an 18-month intensive program which focuses on a hands-on method of learning the ropes of business; meanwhile, the latter caters to busy professionals because of its online, off-campus intensive curriculum which can be completed in three years. The Global MBA program is further subdivided into two types: Regular Global MBA and the Global Accelerated MBA.

MBA is the International Management Institute St. Petersburg:

Another university located in Europe that offers MBA is the International Management Institute St. Petersburg. Located in Russia, IMISP’s MBA program provides training through intensive seminars. This institute has a unique take on the course because its part-time MBA plan is divided into three stages – workshops, tutorials, and graduation project. This 18 to 22-month program focuses on extensive exposure on both study materials and application.

ESADE Business School Spain:

In Barcelona, Spain, ESADE Business School takes pride in its globally oriented and internationally developed MBA Courses. The driving force of its program is its service-oriented nature that is open to diverse cultures. It offers Fulltime, Part-time, Executive, and Global MBA courses. Interested applicants may inquire through the institution’s website –


A school that gives more than one choice of campus is INSEAD. Having campuses in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi, this top business academic institution offers the MBA program to multicultural and multinational students from all over the world. Aspiring MBA students must comply with set criteria such as high average GPA, leadership experience and potentials, and an international outlook.

There are a multitude of schools offering different takes and styles of MBA Programs. However method it may be, it is vital that you choose a program you are most passionate about because this will be the best investment for your career’s advancement.