Executive MBA

Read about Executive MBAs, available universities and possible career routes for MBA holders.

Success in our economy today tends to require accurate forecasting and valuation, competitive positioning, and the ability to anticipate for fluid opportunities and limitations in the market. To be better prepared and suitable for this, the highest possible level of education in business is a must. So, if you are interested in doing this job, you probably need to take an

Executive MBA – Why you need it?

Executive MBA or EMBA degree program. This program offers an opportunity for you to obtain a master’s degree in Business Administration on a schedule with reduced work and personal commitment disruptions. It promises students to enhance their analytical abilities by combining their coursework with daily professional experience. Students taking up this course should complete the degree in a maximum of two years and are expected to gain new skills.

Collective professional experience to enrich the educational environment of the students is the primary aim of executive MBA. It employs a team approach which enables students share their diverse perspectives for stimulating and challenging learning experience in an accredited school of business.

Normally, the courses offered in this MBA program are the same as those taught in traditional MBA programs. They may include statistics, accounting, marketing, finance, management, and information systems. These courses are structured to teach a maximum amount of course material based on a timetable that is accelerated. They are strengthened through comprehensive professional experience.

This MBA course covers a minimum of 15-20 hours time allotment for computer and research efforts, classroom, work, and course assignments. The time involved here is considerable and requires motivation and commitment at the highest level. This makes this course burdensome, but this ca be eased through the support of the other students and the school’s staff.

Executive MBA Program and Jobs

To be qualified for this program, applicants should have several years of experience in a significant and post-baccalaureate career. It can be noted that most MBA students are sponsored financially by their employers and afforded to continue their work full-time while studying. It points out that class structure and class size facilitate close faculty-student interaction to ensure that optimum benefits are received.

The Executive MBA at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management

This Executive MBA is residential course specifically designed for successful professionals who already have significant experience in their own careers. It enhances the knowledge of the students in leadership and business in a structure that allows them to balance their life, work, and education. Students meet four days in a month for 14 months. It encompasses a single class of 30-50 students, guest speakers, team-based assignments, relaxed and highly interactive atmosphere, as well as catered meals. Its 12 modules address critical business and leadership constructs from the chain of organizational activities. Such activities are intellectual property and innovation, process analysis and cost management, business law and governance, financial structure, and global competitiveness.

In addition, this Executive MBA includes self-selected Executive Project applicable to the work and professional experience of the students, capstone, and immediate return on their education investment. It promises greater knowledge, career advancement, and skills that can be transferred to the students’ career.

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