MBA in Education

Learn more about the educational phenomenon that is integration.

It is a common misconception that business and education are two polar disciplines where one focuses on income generating and the other focuses on transfer of knowledge. At present, these two disciplines are merged together into one synergized field which is offered as a post graduate degree. The MBA in Education appeals to those who work as a school administrator or an aspiring school owner. The foci of the curriculum are financial, organizational, entrepreneurial, and marketing supervision. After laying down the business administration foundation, the specialties, such as balancing academics with finances, unfold.

MBA in Education – Fields

As the two fields merged and found a niche in the academe, a lot more specializations germinated from the newly formed academic genre. One program that is earning popularity is the MBA in Educational Leadership. In the Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology, for example, this offered course that aims to develop school leadership through training on theories, empirical research, and values formation towards educational supervision. Graduates of this degree are expected to handle top positions in academic institutions and be able to steer the organization towards excellence.

Another specialization that is earning equal popularity is Educational Management. This course is quite synonymous to the Educational Leadership specialization. It is a 2-year program, if taken fulltime that focuses on educational business supervision, financial acumen, organizational behavior, etc.

Courses such as the above mentioned ones are offered in almost all countries all over the world. This means that the idea of MBA degrees blended into different disciplines is widely accepted to this day. This is another breakthrough in learning because this means that boundaries and barriers are torn down to give way to an integrated method of education. With the move of academic institutions towards integration, for sure there will be more and more blend amongst courses and programs that will progress in the near future. A proof of this phenomenon is the fairly new MBA specializations that are offered in Capella University – MBA in Project Management, MBA in IT Management, and MBA in Health Care Management.

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MBA in Education- Recommended Schools

Some of the features schools that offer Education MBA are Stanford University, Lehigh University, and Texas Christian University. At Stanford University, the synergize program is referred to as the joint MBA/MA in Education program. Since it is a joint program, it has a longer list of subjects which is started by the MBA aspect and continued to the MA in Education aspect. At Lehigh University, the joint program is closely similar with the offering of Stanford University except that the program is commenced with the education aspect and ends with the MBA courses. Lastly at Texas Christian University, the joint program starts with the MBA degree and proceeds towards the Doctor of Education degree. Students must show adeptness while taking the MBA in Education  courses before given the go signal to continue to the Ed.D.

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