Online MBA Degree Program-City University

Read about distance and online MBA Degree Programs at City University UK

Founded in 1894 as the Northampton Institute, it changed its name to City University London in 1966. This was done as a sign of its close ties with the City of London. The motto and objective of City University London are to serve humankind and to provide students with the knowledge, particularly in science and technology, and skills essential to business and the professions associated with London. It is the sixth most popular university in the UK for student applications, with almost 10,000 students; forty per cent are mostly from outside the European Union.

Online MBA Degree Programs – Cass Business School

The University’s Cass Business School, together with UK eUniversities Worldwide Limited, developed an off campus or online MBA degree program, available to students located in other countries who cannot afford to relocate. Financial Times categorized it in 2007 as second in the UK, fifth in Europe and eighteenth in the world.

Online MBA Degree Programs – Program Layout

The online MBA Degree Program, which is a two-year part time course, allows dedicated and striving executives to further their education, as they remain full-time employees. It includes various international-based electives, assignments and business trips.

It aims to infuse the relevance of globalization in the industry. During the first year, the students take up the core modules and undertake a mini-consultancy project on business development dubbed as the International Consultancy Week. In the second year of this online MBA degree Program, students undertake a self-managed business analysis called the Business Mastery Project. They may opt to attend the annual Cass International Symposium in China as an elective as well.

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