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Read about Nottingham Trent University and their Online MBA Degree Program at Nottingham Business School

The Nottingham Trent University (NTU) was known by the name Nottingham Government School of Design in 1843. Its name was changed to Trent Polytechnic in 1970 and to Nottingham Polytechnic in 1989. It acquired university status and current name in 1992. Today, it serves more than 24,000 students, has established industrial links with a number of national and multinational companies such as Microsoft and Kaplan, Inc. to name a few.

Being in the top three UK universities, NTU’s modules are carefully planned by conferring with business professionals and organizations, and taught by experts. Its degree programs are significant in business and have credibility with employers as it involves transferable skills.

Online MBA Degree Program at Nottingham Business School

To enhance the career prospects of its MBA candidates, the University created the Nottingham Business School. Its primary aim is to develop among postgraduate students competence in the perennially changing and highly competitive business arena. It likewise promotes opportunity to study for a degree at NTU from home, even while in full-time employment via distance learning.

Apart from their business school, Nottingham Law School is offering a distance or online MBA Degree Program in Legal Practice. As an entry requirement, you need a Postgraduate Diploma in the Management of Legal Practice from NTU or from any other recognized university. You also need 7 years of work experience in a law office. For international students, it is important to note that although it is a fully distance or online MBA Degree Program but you are required to attend five residential extended study weekends in Nottingham.

Online MBA Degree Program – Duration and Subjects:

As a distance or Part-time MBA degree, current program will take two years with seven core modules. The current available modules are: The role of knowledge and information management in law firms, The economics of legal practice, HRM and the nature of law firms, Law firm strategy, structure and marketing principles and Research methods for managers. In year two, students of Online MBA Degree Program will complete strategic decision making, leadership and transformational change in legal practice and the last dissertation.

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