Online MBA Degree Program-Oxford Brookes University

This article will guide you about various modes of distance and online MBA Degree Programs at Oxford Brookes University.

Founded in 1865, Oxford Brookes University got its present name from one of its former principals, John Henry Brookes, whose term lasted for twenty-two years and gave rise to the establishment of many of the academic schools of the University.

Online MBA Degree Programs – Business School

The University’s Business School is one of its largest schools that cater to students from 145 countries. It conducts a unique and global Distance Learning or Online MBA Degree Program, which allows the student to pursue studies and career at the same time.

The Online MBA program by Oxford Brookes University facilitates access to the highest quality education regardless of global location, as long as internet access is available. It can work on even low-specification computers to link students to geographical study groups through discussions in the online seminars, in order to support and challenge each other. It also keeps the students engaged with online tutors and tutor group, and interacting with worldwide professionals and managers.

Online MBA Degree Programs – Virtual Campus

Enrollees begin with an online induction wherein the students are acquainted with other students, tutors, the online Virtual Campus where a student may discuss relevant issues, and the Virtual Library where countless downloadable and printable business reports, articles and e-books are available. BPP Learning Media provides the learning environment and textbooks prescribed and edited by the University’s staff.

Completion of the course lies on needs, abilities, learning styles and progression of each student. However, it is possible to complete the program in twenty-one to thirty months. Upon graduation, Oxford Brookes University certifies the students as MBA Degree Holders; accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA).

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