Online MBA Degree Program-University Of Manchester

Read about distance and online MBA Programs at University of Manchester. Also read about their program layout and campuses in various countries.

Online MBA Degree Program – University of Manchester

The history of the University of Manchester began in 1824. It was formally established in 2004 when Victoria University of Manchester and University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST) merged. More than 23 Nobel Prize winners such as Ernest Rutherford, WS Jevons, Tom Kilburn and Sir Freddie Williams originated from this institution. Rutherford was acclaimed for his pioneering research for the splitting of the atom. Jevons won for contributing the principles of modern economics. Kilburn and Williams made the first computer.

Currently Global and worldwide Master of Business Administration programs are available at the University. The Distance Learning mode of teaching is a popular choice for employed applicants. Oftentimes, it uses the combination of face-to-face residential workshops and self-study that is fully supported through the online student community site and international centers. Presently face to face workshops are available in six different destinations, including UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Jamaica.

Online MBA Degree Program – Program layout

The University’s Business School has three 30- to 60-month distance MBA Degree Programs, namely MBA for Financial Managers and Finance Professionals, MBA for Construction Executives, and MBA for Engineering Business Management. In all MBA programs, an applicant must have at least three-year work experience detailing initiative and decision-making responsibility. The minimum age requirement is twenty-seven years old. Normally, weight is given to professional qualifications rather than academic background. However, in Online MBA Degree Program for Financial Managers and Finance Professionals, applicants must have a first class honors degree or its equivalent. In some cases, it may be imperative for applicants to take the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) as an additional proof of skills and aptitude.

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