Online MBA Degree Program-University of Phoenix

In today’s blog we will be looking at doing an Online MBA Degree Program through University of Phoneix.

It is true to say that university of Phoenix is one of most reliable and specialied universities in adult learning education. University was founded and established by Dr. John Sperling in 1976. This largest private American university is situated in Arizona with more than 300,000 students enrolled in various subject areas. The popularity and success of the university mainly lies in flexibility of its study modes; providing online and on campus courses side by side. Apart from its online programs, university has currently various campuses in 40 different American states. As we are interested in online MBA degree programs for our readers, therefore we will be reviewing few of MBA programs with online and distance possibilities.

Online MBA Degree Programs by University of Phoenix

One of the online MBA Degree Programs offered by University of Phoenix is Master of Business Administration. This online MBA Degree Program is popular for its flexibility. As program is based on creating and defining own solutions for crisis management and leadership problems. The program consists 39 credit hours, costing students $612 per credit hour.

University of Phoenix also offers MBA with specialization in accounting. The program is especially designed for students who want to enhance their financial management skills. With MBA accounting degree, graduates can pursue their dream jobs in private businesses and public sector with high salaries.

Online MBA Degree Programs – Jobs

If you are interested doing your business or a business related job in current global market than MBA – Global Management can be the right course for you. Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, this MBA programs can be best suitable for international students who are whishing to pursue a recognized MBA for a global market. It is important to note that admission requirements for this course are an undergraduate degree from a recognised university and with a minimum GPA of 2.5. However if you are an international student from any Asian country, you may required a masters degree to enter in the program. You can directly contact with university admission office by phone or via email, inquiring status of your degree.

Apart from above mentioned online MBA Degree programs, university is providing, MBA Health Care Management, MBA Human Resource Management, MBA Marketing, MBA Public Administration and MBA Technology Management.

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